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S3 - OptiView XG Portable 10GIG network analysis tablet

OptiView XG Portable 10GIG network analysis tablet

Optiview XG Portable 10GIG network analysis tablet

For network analysis, troubleshooting, audits, automatic discovery of your network infrastructure at 1 GIG/10GIG  on one portable device.
Includes a fully integrated Air Magnet suite onboard for full wifi analysis.

When the network gets the blame for ‘slow-downs’, wouldn’t it be great to easily detect where the problems lies, differentiating between client, network and server with tangible reports.
Speeding up trouble tickets and ensuring SLA’s are hit?

The new OptiView XG®, is a revolutionary Network Analysis Tablet that provides the fastest solutions for network and application problems for both wireless and wired access – anywhere in the network.

The tablet expedites network and application problem-solving by automating root cause analysis and providing guided troubleshooting to address problem areas.

The OptiView XG is designed to provide a wide range of functionality necessary to adapt to the dynamic and diverse networks of today through various features including:

Description: OptiView XG

  • Automated discovery of your entire network – great for infrastructure and auditing purposes
  • 1 & 10GbE Analysis
  • Virtualization Support and alerting
  • Air Magnet Wireless Suite
  • Application Path Analysis
  • NetFlow with 24-hour trending
  • Performance Health Checks
  • Automated Troubleshooting
  • Full network mapping functionality exportable in to Visio
  • Application centric analysis; differentiating between client, network and server for relevant application use
  • Proactively reports on switch/router FCS errors across your entire network on your own tailor made dashboard
  • Runs a ‘path-analysis’ layer 2 & 3, between your chosen client to server; reporting on switch port bottlenecks, server CPU utilisation, low disk  space, with a 24hr trend of guilty switch ports