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S1 – Proactive , highly scalable Network Management with Apps path analysis- Entuity

Entuity is a leading independent provider of enterprise-class, all-in-one, network management software. Founded in 1997 by two network managers, Entuity is headquartered in London with US operations located in Boston. 


Entuity Vital Statistics
•    Founded in 1997
•    Customers in over 45 countries and in all industries
•    Used in 50 to 30,000+ device networks
•    Impressive user base includes:  Dell, Worldpay, major banks and telecoms companies

What sets Entuity network management apart?An all-in-one solution
•    Cloud and hybrid ready
•    Unlimited Scalability:   scales effortlessly to manage your entire network
•    Incredible Visibility:   accelerate issue ID, reduce MTTR
•    Immense Configurability:   quick and easy customization
•    Highly Automated:   fast deployment, reduce TCO
•    SurePath Application Path Monitoring—adds another dimension to troubleshooting
•    140+ Out of the box reports

Entuity integrates all the requisite, network management functionality including automated, discovery of inventory and topology; configuration management; application path management, event management, netflow and more into a single all-in-one efficient solution. This design dramatically reduces the complexity of network management and allows network managers to combine functionality that is typically spread out over many tools.  Consolidating a disjointed set of tools that are expensive to manage, to a centralized way of monitoring across the entire IT environment delivers accurate, proactive results for reliable network and application performance.

Entuity offers a rich web-based UI that makes navigation quick and easy. Drag and drop any UI component such as a chart, dashboard, event viewer, topology map or report into configurable custom dashboards.

Focusing on business results, not just technical metrics, Entuity can help keep IT costs contained and allow your end-users to do their job effectively. Entuity is able to manage services by branch office or by network service availability reflecting how your network is supporting the business.  Meaningful reports to executives, non-It audiences and IT staff validates your network’s performance and delivers transparency to the entire enterprise.  Entuity helps you get more from your network to:
•    Understand exactly how the network is impacting the rest of your IT environment
•    Use that understanding to keep availability high and mean time to resolution low
•    Prevent network performance issues before they impact availability
•    Eliminate duplicated effort with integrated functions---your ops team’s efficiency will soar
•    Entuity customers reduce the time spent managing their network by 70%.

A new twist on network management, introducing SurePath Application Path Monitoring

The Concept of SurePath

Entuity SurePath Application Path Monitoring is a real-time network path discovery tool which maximizes the value of Entuity’s rich network data by illustrating and monitoring where an application is traveling over the network---adding another dimension to performance troubleshooting. SurePath is integrated within the core Entuity product and includes 5 paths with initial license.  Additional paths may be purchased.

SurePath monitors an entire application network path, alerts when issues are found and provides quick drill down access for fast resolution

Why is SurePath beneficial?

SurePath offers network managers accurate monitoring of application paths delivering an additional technique to keep applications and networks in sync achieving high levels of performance.   
Application management tools typically don't include which network devices are attached to an application, nor does a network management tool see what applications are running over the network.  SurePath merges these two management approaches and offers visibility to how an application traverses over the network--how many hops it takes, what devices it flows through, WAN access points and shows where there are issues. Ultimately, SurePath fills in the gap between application and network monitoring. IT users can now easily:
Identify, analyze, and resolve application and infrastructure problems–fast
Prioritize critical applications creating a SurePath monitoring task that proactively, in real-time, manages the path for issues.

The SurePath to success, how enterprises are using it for superior results 

Use case:  Poor Application Performance

A large bank was experiencing poor performance from a vital application.  The standard analysis of servers and application components did not reveal the cause.  
What SurePath found:

  • A key data path between servers was using an unexpected, roundabout route-outside their secure infrastructure
  • This convoluted path was also creating extreme bandwidth overages on their leased lines

SurePath Value Points:

  • Reduces staff time spent researching a problem that could have been prevented
  • pro-actively detects the security issue for a rapid resolution with no adverse implications
  • saves a significant amount of OpEx due to the fact their leased lines were experiencing higher than normal traffic for an extended period of time

Use case:  Disaster Recovery Plan Verification

Every enterprise requires an IT Disaster Recovery Plan.  But how do you know the plan actually works is the issue. A financial organization now utilizes SurePath to do just that, test and validate their Disaster Recovery Plan. 
What SurePath does:

  • helps them understand what the application paths looked like before, during and after their Disaster Recovery Test.
  • validates that the back-up path was indeed activated for the test and then the paths are returned back to normal after the test.  

SurePath Value Points:

  • allows IT organizations to easily substantiate Disaster Recovery Tests to confirm that a planned or unplanned site outage doesn't result in any unanticipated application path changes that damage critical traffic paths